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Warm, spicy comfort served up on a spoon. We basically skipped winter in Memphis this year. On one hand, I'm kind of okay with it. I dressed Ellie in a short-sleeved onesie today and I got to marvel at the glory of her many arms rolls. (Chubby babies, y'all... I just can't.) But on the other hand, all of my wonderful plans for sharing my recipes for roast, meatloaf, etc. were pretty much foiled by my unwillingness to turn on the oven. In FEBRUARY.
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Easy enough for a weeknight meal, but awesome enough to serve to weekend guests, these quesadillas are a MUST for your recipe tool belt. Serve them with salsa, a dollop of Greek yogurt, and some guacamole and you're in for a fiesta of the tastebuds. Real talk, y'all: being a SAHM is no joke. I thought I was going to be so productive and awesome at keeping my house together now that I'm home full time with Ellie, but I find that most days I just want to snuggle her and not move from the couch. I'm falling behind in almost every chore possible (except laundry because girlfriend goes through basically our entire supply of bibs in about a day and a half... so I have no choice but to keep up!) And it's ok.
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Banana Bread 2 ways - classic, moist, & delicious or a lightened-up version you can feel good serving your family. The choice is yours!Robert and I have an ongoing battle at our house. I'm always experimenting with ways to make recipes healthier and less processed, but I've learned that if I've served it to my husband even one time in it's original, glorious, calorie-laden/sugar-overdose state, it's game over. Enter: the battle of the banana bread.