Desserts, Recipes / 06.12.2016

Moist, decadent pumpkin muffins with dark chocolate chips are a real fan favorite and fool-proof to bake! Please forgive me. Not only has it been FOR-EV-ER since I've posted a recipe, (admit it - you read that in the voice of the kid from The Sandlot!) but I'm also way late to the game with this pumpkin recipe. Not fashionably late, but like, embarrassingly-late-to-your-own-wedding kind of late. But I promise, these muffins are worth the wait.
Adoption, Daydreams, Motherhood / 24.11.2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Homemade Hijinks On Thanksgiving Day one year ago, we nervously set forth on the wildest journey of our lives: we took a leap of faith and announced to our friends, family, and the world that we intended to adopt a child. I still remember the emotions and adrenaline that surged forward in that moment... Stepping out from underneath the shadow of infertility and into the light of hope. And I remember the whisper of my heart, as it promised once again that THIS would be my last holiday season with empty arms.
Adoption, Daydreams / 30.09.2016

Waiting is hard. But adoption is worth it! Waiting is hard. We've been waiting for a child to join our family for more than 3 years now, and I'm not sure it ever gets any easier, even this close to the end. After years of infertility, mounds of adoption paperwork, and months of waiting to be matched with an expectant mother, you'd think I'd eventually get used to hope deferred... But there is no "getting used to" this aching longing for motherhood in my heart.