Comfort Foods, Desserts, Recipes / 29.06.2016

Banana Bread 2 ways - classic, moist, & delicious or a lightened-up version you can feel good serving your family. The choice is yours!Robert and I have an ongoing battle at our house. I'm always experimenting with ways to make recipes healthier and less processed, but I've learned that if I've served it to my husband even one time in it's original, glorious, calorie-laden/sugar-overdose state, it's game over. Enter: the battle of the banana bread.
Cookies, Desserts, Recipes / 11.06.2016

Warm, gooey peanut butter filling takes these indulgent cookies from delicious to to-die-for. An instant favorite. I’ve mentioned before that I try to stick to the 80/20 rule with my diet... 80% healthy foods that my body can use as fuel, and 20% indulgent treats. These delicious cookies are a piece of dessert heaven, though they definitely fall into the indulgence category. When I make them, I like to channel my best Paula Deen and wear a blindfold as I measure the butter. Robert calls them "THE cookies." As in, "Are you going to make THE cookies?"